The List, an NFT project that provides lifetime access to clubs and festivals


With massive festivals and clubs partners, such as Amnesia Ibiza, World Club Dome, Green Valley, Supersonic, We Are Fstvl, Caprices, Junction 2 and many more to come, The List will be the only one you’ll want your name to be on.

The List is setting a foundation in the form of establishing partnerships with some of the best clubs and festivals and building a community around this first nonfungible token (NFT) collection, on which Klubcoin is going to continue building, indeed many partners of The List are also part of the Klubcoin ecosystem.

The wristbands

7,777 unique NFT wristbands will be minted, each of which will be adorned with a slug coming from the dance music lexicon, with various categories, colors, backgrounds and styles to ensure the rarity of the items of the collection.

“I play vinyl,” “You are not on the list,” “We prefer Z to A,” “Techno,” “Burning man changed my life” or “I hate airports” will be part of many different words and expressions coming from the scene’s terminology. Each wristband carries the rave culture wherever it goes.

The 3D modeling, design and concept execution of the project is done by Broken Egg.

Generative 3D rendering will be used to create the 7,777 NFTs with more than 130 traits and millions of possible renditions, which will be immortalized on the blockchain.

The lucky owners of the two rarest categories will receive a physical bracelet, the in-real-life version of their NFT.

Lifetime access

More than 150 exclusive items of the collection will grant lifetime access to worldwide famous clubs and festivals, such as Amnesia Ibiza (Spain), World Club Dome (Germany), Green Valley (Brazil), Supersonic (India), We Are Fstvl (United Kingdom), Junction 2 Festival (United Kingdom), Caprices Festival (Switzerland), Rampage Open Air (Belgium), Barcelona Beach Festival (Spain) and many more.

This non-exhaustive list of iconic clubs and events is already growing and will be revealed a few days before the drop.

Exclusive shows by The List

Electronic music fans will have two more events to look forward to. The List in collaboration with Clubbing TV is going to organize a show during Art Basel in Miami (December 2022.) and a festival in Croatia (August 2023.). All of The List NFT holders are going to have an exclusive privilege to join these two events and meet their favorite artists.

In the metaverse

In addition to the IRL experiences, owning a wristband from The List will give you a wearable perk in one of the biggest metaverses, Decentraland. The wearable NFTs powered by DJenerates and Decentral Games will be airdropped to more than 5,000 selected owners of the collection, giving access to exclusive events in the metaverse and to the VIP area of the Amnesia and JENR8 virtual clubs.

Whitelisting for the future party in the metaverse to be launched by Clubbing TV will be granted to all The List holders for future land sales.

Other perks

Owning a The List NFT is going to unlock a few other benefits: participation in weekly giveaways, where you could win signed merch from an artist, LP box sets, tickets to hyped events and exclusive access to new releases.

Also, The List holders are going to have the power to create and manage a podcast and a TV show on Clubbing TV.