Defiolio, a US-based decentralized DeFi aggregator, drops Lifetime Access NFT with 25% profit share


Defiolio is the first of its kind (in more than one sense). A truly decentralized hub, where users aren’t limited to only viewing assets (like most), but can manage and interact with them as well. From farms & pools to NFTs…and everything in between, nobody will find themselves feeling left out. Currently boasting 20 supported chains, and over 160 currencies, there is plenty to discover and explore. One would think, with all this going on, things would have become quite cluttered. Thankfully the UI has been well-thought-out and honestly, just makes sense. Seasoned professionals and newcomers alike will feel right at home.

A Purpose Built NFT

Now keep in mind Defiolio offers a service, and in order to use a service something is needed that grants access, right? This is where the cross/multi-chain Lifetime Access NFTs come into play.

Cross-chain AND multichain? What does this mean?? Good question, regarding multi-chain, as opposed to the typical, boring, one chain mints, this NFT can be minted on six different blockchains…because, why not? Those happen to be Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Cronos, Polygon, and Fantom. Boy is that a mouthful. Now when it comes to cross-chain, things get even more interesting. Regardless of the chain a user mints on, they can easily, and effortlessly send it to any of the other six chains for any reason they see fit.

Which is refreshing because DeFi is supposed to be about freedom of choice, and nowadays there are too many limitations in place or a ‘big bother’ so to speak. Not only do they grant lifetime access, but they also grant users 25% of the profits earned from (future) subscriptions! Which is, largely unheard of. Doesn’t take a mathematician to see that the success of Defiolio is also the success of Lifetime Access NFT holders and it’s users. Who doesn’t like that premium VIP feeling when getting early access & beta testing on features before anyone else? Yet another exclusive benefit of holding a Defiolio Lifetime Access NFT.

As if that wasn’t enough, users will also be granted access to a private, uncongested, efficient RPC down the road. Last, but certainly not least, there are monthly giveaways that NFT holders will be entered into. Which should add a little extra thrill to the whole experience. This limited collection consists of only 12,000 NFTs across six chains with a max of 5 per chain for a grand total of 30 per wallet.

Utility, Value and Efficiency

Many projects use such words, but unfortunately, they don’t walk the walk. Whereas Defiolio, stands tall and proud when it comes to this. Gone are the days of old, spending an exuberant amount of time loading dAPP after dAPP, whitepapers for days, and enough Twitter accounts to make even the most advanced socialite get dizzy. With Defiolio, all you need is two tabs, and a few minutes.