CHREMA Launches Blockchain-Based Real World Asset Investment Platform


CHREMA, a blockchain and non-fungible token (NFT) based DeFi (Decentralized Finance) service, has announced the launch of an investment platform based on Real World Assets (RWAs).

After the whirlwind of virtual asset speculation, virtual assets, unlike traditional assets, were criticized for lacking intrinsic value and being mere illusions. Subsequently, the market started to focus on utilities that could enhance intrinsic value, and ‘RWA-based tokens’ – ownership of physical assets recorded on the blockchain – have recently gained attention.

RWA tokens use blockchain technology to tokenize real-world assets like government bonds, stocks, and real estate. Tokenizing physical assets on the blockchain improves transparency by making issuance and transaction histories easy to track. Moreover, it allows for easier and quicker liquidity than physical assets and can create leverage through DeFi services.

Franklin Templeton, a global asset management company, has reportedly issued about 60 million euros in U.S. treasury tokens. According to, the market capitalization of U.S. treasury-based RWA tokens increased from approximately $113.93 million in January this year to $777.41 million in just ten months.

However, high-value assets such as art, gold, and real estate in the real world are not easily liquidated, leading to less active trading and reduced accessibility for average investors.

CHREMA tokenizes traditional assets like gold, real estate, and art into NFTs and manages them on the blockchain. The ‘CHREMA Wallet’, a blockchain wallet, supports the storage, management, and resale of these tokenized assets, while ‘CHREMA Market’ supports NFT trading. CHREMA’s services provide significant market accessibility and liquidity to previously hard-to-liquidate real assets, enabling owners to easily trade and efficiently manage their assets.

Furthermore, individual investors can easily trade these tokenized assets and earn interest income while holding them.

CEO Howard stated, “Tokens linked to real world assets not only offer users stable investment options but also promote the emergence of new financial products. This integration will occupy an important position in the global financial market, providing more opportunities to a diverse range of investors. CHREMA is more than just a financial platform; it’s a project exploring the future of finance. Our goal is to digitalize real-world assets, enabling more people to participate in the financial market and manage their assets more easily.”