SKYPLAY Raises $10 Million from LDA Capital to Grow Gaming Platform

SKYPLAY has received a $10 million commitment from global investment group, LDA Capital Limited, to accelerate the growth of its gaming platform by publishing more games and acquiring new users. SKYPLAY plans to continue to leverage its enthusiastic blockchain community of over 300,000 monthly active users to help bring excitement to its gaming portfolio as […]

SKYPlay, the blockchain platform and CoinGrid game goes live beta

SKYPLAY Inc. announced the beta release of its blockchain platform, SKYPlay and eP2E (easy Play to Earn) game, CoinGrid. Under the leadership of the Singapore corporation, SKYPLAY Inc. listed its cryptocurrency, SKP (SKYPlay Token) on MEXC and ProBit Global, the world’s leading digital-asset trading platforms. SKYPLAY Inc. will continuously develop and publish a series of eP2E […]