Music platform Corite to list $CO token at PancakeSwap and Bybit


Music blockchain company Corite announces listing to take place via IFO on PancakeSwap and direct listing via Bybit starting 28th, 2022. The CO project is a decentralized platform based on Corite’s proven model for independent artists and fans to co-create, fund, and promote music. The CO token is the fuel for Corite’s Engage-to-Earn model where staking CO generates multiplier effects and yield, and allows users to deepen their relationship with the artist.

Corite is a fan-funded music platform built on blockchain, which drives artist growth with fan engagement, funding, and distribution of music. Corite empowers artists to engage their fans in new, mutually beneficial ways by allowing fans to become backers, supporting the artists’ vision, work, and music. By launching fan campaigns, artists can get an advance in exchange for sharing a cut of their revenues with their fans, decided by the artist themselves. One of the artists that has partnered with the platform is one of the most streamed artists in the world, Alan Walker.

“The partnership with Corite is really exciting. It’s a new way or a different way of connecting with the fans. Letting them take part, having the opportunity to earn money from other people listening to their music. I think that’s really cool, I wish I could have done that growing up.” Alan Walker says.

Corite’s investors hold names such as Coin98, ChromaWay, Gate labs, Kyros Venture, Shima Capital among many others as well as advisors such as the global star Alan Walker and Grammy Awarded Rico Love who has worked with world stars such as Beyonce and Usher to name a few.

The CO token will give its holders the key to all of the functions we are developing: artists will need it to generate Fan Power used in their Fan Missions, to mint NFTs, and to get access to new artist services that the community will deliver. Fans will need it to get early access to top-tier fan-funding campaigns, to get a multiplier for their Fan Power earnings, and to earn different tiers, resulting in rewards in the form of exclusive content, access, and goods. All this in the unique Engage-to-Earn model.

The CO token will be listed after the IFO together with Pancakeswap and via direct listing with Bybit, both 28/09, which gives users multiple opportunities to get the token.